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Every day, 44 acres of open space are lost forever to suburban sprawl in Massachusetts.

With 54 miles of shoreline, Wareham claims some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the Commonwealth. From bogs to barrier beaches, forests to farmlands, we are surrounded by a diversity of lands and natural resources, seemingly blessed by Mother Nature herself.


We have so much to lose.

Wareham Land Trust

We're losing ground and we need your help
Join us Today!

Join our efforts to preserve Wareham's open space and natural resources.

Wareham at Risk

From 1990 to 2000, Wareham's population increased 5.7%. Over that same period of time, the number of building permits issued in Wareham for new home construction rose an astonishing 363% from 30 in 1990 to 109 permits issued in 2000.

In the years ahead, the population of Wareham and indeed, the entire Southcoast region, is projected to explode. As commuters flee tight real estate markets in Boston, Providence, and on Cape Cod, opportunistic developers eye lower land costs and permissive zoning in our threatened community. With the least amount of protected land in the Buzzard's Bay watershed, Wareham is vulnerable to exploitation. Our beloved open spaces, the historic character of our town and villages, and indeed, our very quality of life, are at risk.

Good News

Now you can join your voice with others who share a commitment to open space and sustainable development, uniting to preserve our diverse lands and natural resources.

About Us

The Wareham Land Trust is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and conserving Wareham's open space and natural resources.

You can help:

  • by joining the Wareham Land Trust today,
  • by donating land or money to purchase land for open space,
  • by donating conservation restrictions on your property that limit its development while maintaining the land as private property,
  • by volunteering your time and energy

Benefits of Joining the Wareham Land Trust

Supporting the Wareham Land Trust lowers your taxes:

  • Studies consistently show that open space costs taxpayers less than residential development.
  • Contributions (land or money) are tax-deductible.

Good for you

Less tangible and perhaps even more important will be the satisfaction you derive knowing your land, funds, and efforts are preserving open space. Cultivate a sense of pride in Wareham's natural heritage as you join us in our mission to protect land, natural resources, wildlife habitat, and a quality of life for generations to come.

And for the greater good

Though new on the scene, the Wareham Land Trust joins a welcoming and supportive network of environmental, civic, and business organizations to be heard throughout the town and villages of Wareham, the Southcoast region, in Massachusetts, and nationwide.

Join us Today!


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